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Papamū - (Game Board)
Technology from the past meets the Future
Believe it or not the Ancient Hawaiians used forms of high technology to navigate the oceans and the alignment of temples and structures on land. 

The Papamū may have been used as one of these tools of technology. We have no proof, but the Papamū could have been used like an abacus for counting - used to align structures or pin point directions - similar to the way GPS is used today. 

We know that the Papamū was used as a base to play Kōnane. You could say that the Papamū was used by the ancient Hawaiians as we use smart phone technology today. 

Hawaiian Checkers.com is using this concept of technology to encourage people to play by creating an organization called Kōnane Players Association.  It is through today’s technology that we can help solve the number one problem with Kōnane. That is, finding other Kōnane players to play.  

We want to encourage you to take a look at that page and participate.  Find other players and hone your skills. You can only get better playing other Kōnane players.

Kamehameha was a great Kōnane player
A checkers team from England lost to Kamehameha’s team in the 1800’s
In the beginning, more players lose the match than being beaten. 

Never lose focus.

Last Move Win

Isn't that what life is all about?  Making the last move.

In Kōnane you want to be in the position to make the last move
Hawaiian Checkers.com
8 years old

I have been playing Kōnane on and off since I was eight years old. I remember my father making two Kōnane boards.  One was made out of pressed wood, but it had a nice frame,  The second was made from Koa.  I still have that board. 

One of the things that I like about Kōnane is that it never becomes obsolete.  My children have played on that board and soon my grand children will too.  Here on Kauai I really got into playing Kōnane during long breaks as a tour driver.  

Kōnane has taught me a lot in life,  how to study my current situation and make the smart moves.

Using some of the techniques I’m learning on the Kōnane boards, I make decisions in my business and everyday life.  

I find that in these tough economic times, you’re going to have to make some adjustments in life to stay ahead of the pack. 

The more my family and I play, the better prepared we are to take advantage of any opportunities that come along. 

Kōnane is the game of the future;  it is part of our past.  Play as much as you can, because in life, it is the last move that wins. 

 Zig and Zag

In many of the workshops I have managed, I have consistently seen more beginning players lose at the end of the match, by making one wrong move.  

Instead of zig they zag. They have control, they have all the advantage, but a costly mistake at the end brings defeat.  

The moral of the story, when it comes to winning or losing don’t lose focus, one wrong move can change the outcome.  Don't Zag when you should Zig.

Teenage players tend to push the pace of the match; adults tend to try to figure out the strategy the teen is using. 
This is when the adult looses. 

It is when the adult realizes that the best strategy is their own, this is when the adult starts to win.  
Tortoise and the Hare Syndrome 
Kōnane Players Association (KPA)