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 Types of Kōnane Services

At HawaiianCheckers.com we provide a variety of services that will fit many organizations' needs. Each of our activities has a different price range, so contact us at Hawaiian Checkers.com we provide an estimate and additional information.


  Demo (Craft Booth Style)

Geared towards the casual wanderer who might sit and play Kōnane if interested or encouraged. It's not intended to be the focal point of an event. The booth would be able to accommodate two to four people at a time, occupying a 10' x 10' area.

  Activity Station

This is intended for larger gatherings such as a luau or ho'olaulea. This is an exciting solution for a host that wants to provide a cultural experience and recreational activity for people who will drift in and out of the area. It could be either the focal point of an event or a fun supplementing station designed to accommodate up to eight people at a time in a 20' x 10' space.


This workshop is designed to be a teaching model that requires a set time and place. It is focused on teaching the game of Konane. The estimated time is 1.5 to 2 hours.

There are deposit and site requirements for all of services. 

Workshops require a minimum of participants. 

We do have free workshops from time to time, visit our FaceBook for more information