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Our goal is to encourage people to play Kōnane by creating a platform that brings players together.  The Kōnane Players Association is a critical component to the future of Kōnane.  Through this entity all of the pieces come together.  

It is our vision to see competitive Kōnane move to new levels every year.
Because the rules of Kōnane can vary we have created “KPA Rules of Kōnane” to unify the rules so that everybody can play under one standard set of rules,  This should create a level playing field and a better understanding of the rules. 

Through the KPA youtube account, our Kōnane rules can better be explained.  Players’ profiles help show the growing number of Kōnane players - who they are and what are their playing styles.  We will also have the ability to analyze live games to show viewers the action on the boards to help them better their own games.  

Our email account is info@hawaiiancheckers.com makes use of technology and starts building a network of Kōnane players so that announcements of future matches, workshops and classes can spread at lightning speed. 

As time and technology develop, we will take advantage of these new ways to inform all Kōnane players with up to date information. 

Kōnane Players Association
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Print or download a free pdf copy of the KPA Rules of Kōnane
Play anytime you want with this free paper Papamu.  All you need is ili ili.  The teaching Papamu has redlines indicating directions you cannot move.

Use white and black beans, candy or little rocks.

Print and have fun :)
Paper Papamu