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Our goal is to encourage people to play Kōnane by creating a platform that brings players together.  The Kōnane Players Association is a critical component to the future of Kōnane.  Through this entity all of the pieces come together.  

It is our vision to see competitive Kōnane move to new levels every year.
Because the rules of Kōnane can vary we have created “KPA Rules of Kōnane” to unify the rules so that everybody can play under one standard set of rules,  This should create a level playing field and a better understanding of the rules. 

Through the KPA youtube account, our Kōnane rules can better be explained.  Players’ profiles help show the growing number of Kōnane players - who they are and what are their playing styles.  We will also have the ability to analyze live games to show viewers the action on the boards to help them better their own games.  

Our email account is info@hawaiiancheckers.com makes use of technology and starts building a network of Kōnane players so that announcements of future matches, workshops and classes can spread at lightning speed. 

As time and technology develop, we will take advantage of these new ways to inform all Kōnane players with up to date information. 

Kōnane Players Association
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The Pono System is a handicapping system that allows a newer player with an opportunity to compete fairly with a more experienced player by having one or two additional moves in which to make the match more challenging for both players. 

The goal for the Pono System is to make the game more enjoyable for all players at all levels and encourage and promote the playing of Kōnane.

The challenge for the newer player is to choose the right time during the match to take the advantage.  

For the experienced player the challenge is to see if they can recover and win.

The mathematics of the Pono system is tricky, but simple.  First we must establish the starting point and the ending point. This system works on all even boards. (6 x 6 or 10 x 10).

The mathematical formula for an 8 x 8 Konane board is:
• The total amount of puka's (holes) is (64)
• Divide 64 by 2, equal (32) Ending point
• Divide 32 by 2, equal (16) Starting point

Both players must agree before the match starts if the Pono system will be used. Also they must agree if it is one or two extra moves depending on the skill level of both players. Once that is established the match can begin.  Once there has been a total of 16 Ili ili of both colors removed from the board the Pono player can start applying the extra move. The Pono player must inform the opponent that the Pono move is about to be made.  YOU CANNOT make two Pono moves in a row (or three moves). You must allow the opponent one recovery move first before the second Pono move is applied. YOU must use your Pono moves before the 32 Ili ili are removed, or you have lost the chance.

TIP: Once the Pono Player starts to win more matches, then the amount of extra moves must be ajusted to the point when the Pono sysem is no longer needed. 
Print or download a free pdf copy of the KPA Rules of Kōnane
Play anytime you want with this free paper Papamu.  All you need is ili ili.  The teaching Papamu has redlines indicating directions you cannot move.

Use white and black beans, candy or little rocks.

Print and have fun :)
Paper Papamu