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The Science of Hū
 is an ancient Hawaiian game going back hundreds of years. Using a Kukui nut, one could drill a hole in the top of the Kukui Nut and sticking a piece of coconut midrib into the hole to create the stem. Create a circle on the ground and spin the top within the circle. In competition, the Hū that spins the longest within that circle wins. Although Hū can be a safe and a great children’s activity in making and painting Hū, when it come to competition, the science of Hū must be considered.  

You see, in the science of Hū the goal is to create an Hū that can spin for more than 15 seconds. If not, you can’t compete at the highest level.  
Let’s face it, we are talking engineering and physics. One must look into momentum, inertia and mass. Friction and energy - these forces will come into play when getting your top over the 15 second threshold. 

To get those 15 seconds out of your Hū, there are many things you need to consider. 
Size + Mass = create inertia
Shape + point + nut surface = friction
Spin technique + competition surface = energy

The Kukui Nut is perfect for creating your Hū project. It is cultural and affordable and it fits in your pocket. So the next time you have an opportunity to show off your science skills in the arena of competition, go for it and take all competitors. Show everyone that you have skills and have full command and understanding of the Science of Hū.

Hu is a great family activity
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I call this Hu "Jalapeño". It is a short stem with a good spin
Blue Cloud has a powerful spin
Strawberry is currently my top spinner at 20 plus seconds.
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 a collection of some of my Hu inside of my Octagon.

Bring your Hu to see what it can do.