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Eh, You Play Konane

Tickets for Oregon Event

by John Kaohelaulii on 02/24/16

Here is your chance to sign up for tickets at 

Hana Hou, and here we go

by John Kaohelaulii on 02/22/16

For the past three years, I have been providing free K?nane activity stations for many organizations and their events here on Kaua’i.  What is great is that more and more people who have been to one or more of these events are sitting down with some playing experience and thus we are starting to get more quality matches. 

What great is that I’m ready to go early, so that many of the early birds or family members from the crafter areas are able to set and play.  

My next K?nane activity station is going to be at the Prince Kuhio Day Celebration on March 19th at Anahola Beach Park.

But my next Workshop is on March 26th in Sandy, Oregon which is East of Portland. 

  What makes my “Workshop” better than “Activity Station” is the learning opportunity. When you leave my Activity Station you have an idea how game of K?nane works, but in my Workshops, you learn more about K?nane and its strategies and how it applies to life.

Share this post with your friends in Oregon so that they will have a chance to enjoy this ancient Hawaiian strategy game. 

Play Hard, Play Smart, Play K?nane

My Youtube

by John Kaohelaulii on 02/13/16

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The Kaua’i West Side Story

by John Kaohelaulii on 02/10/16

This will be my third time running a Konane activity station at the King Kaumuali’i Festival and I got to say, the people of West side of Kaua’i, they love to play. 

I get more participation at this festival than any other event that I do. A lot of the people already know how to play from the last two times I was there, so most will be ready for me when I arrive. 

It’s non stop action, I only get a few breaks in-between, during the program and interviews when my little corner can get a little noisy with excitement, so we have to stop playing for a while. 

This also gives an opportunity to think about Kaumuali’i and his Konane playing skills. There is a lot of history written about King Kamehameha and his K?nane skills, but not so much about Kaumuali’i. 

Now I have to assume, that all of our Ali’i were trained in the art of K?nane at a very young age as to develop their strategic thinking skills.  

Kamehameha being much older and have already had a successful campaign conquering most of the Hawaiian islands was quite aggressive in implementing his strategic and action plan, but the Kaua’i part of that plan was faced with many logistical, environmental and spiritual challenges.  

Kaumuali’i had the Ka?ie?ie Waho Channel and he had time on his side. 

Being so young at the time, the pressure for Kaumuali’i must have been a great. For a Konane player today, this is when they most likely will make a mistake that changes the game.  But back then,  Kaumuali’i played it cool under pressure. He had the biggest asset a Konane player can have. “Patience”. 

I look forward to the King Kaumuali’i Festival this year on February 14th starting at high noon at the Old Russian Fort.  I can’t wait for the West Side players and I can’t wait share the same space where King Kaumuali’i once stood. 

Play hard, play smart, play Konane

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My Board, My Rules

by John Kaohelaulii on 02/05/16

I was talking story with my friend from Kekaha and they play a different way.  I understand that some players were taught one way and others another way, so which is the right way?

I was taught the same way that it is documented in the Donald D. Kilolani Mitchell book called “Hawaiian Games to Play” and this is how I teach Konane in my classes.  But is this the right way? I believe so, but I also believe that there may have been different rules for different areas, seasons and for the individual Papam?. 

I feel that if you are good, you can adapt to different rules. So which rules are right? Well I always say, My Board, My Rules. 

If I play on your board, I’ll play by your rules.