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HawaiianCheckers.com is a Native Hawaiian owned and operated company. Our main focus is to generate a ressurgence in popularty of Kōnane in the Hawaiian Islands. HawaiianCheckers.com provides Kōnane  products, as well as Hawaiian Cultural workshops and tournament management services to support our goals. We believe that in a few years, Kōnane will be played by all segments of society, as it was long ago.

Ancient Hawaiians regarded Kōnane as more than just a game. The strategic and analytical skills required to be a successful Kōnane player were useful in both war and peace--the battle field and the kalo field. Consequently, some of Hawaii's most prominant ali'i, such as Kamehameha the great, were also talented Kōnane players.

Early missionaries disapproved of games. Believed to be frivolous and evil because of the gambling that often accompanied game play, Kōnane was suppressed and nearly disappeared from Hawaiian society. As a result, Kōnane remains mostly unknown in Hawaii today.

It's been more than a 150 years since Kōnane was lost. Join the rediscovery at HawaiianCheckers.com !
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What is Konane?

Kōnane is a Hawaiian game of strategy. Players jump over and remove their opponent’s pieces. But the winner is not the player who has the most pieces, it’s the player who is able to make the last move. 

Easy to learn, but difficult to master, Kōnane can be played by young and old alike. 

Kōnane verses Hawaiian Checkers

Kōnane has never had an uniform set of rules that people play by. Rules can differ from island to island, and even between neighboring ahupua'a. One challanging aspect of playing Kōnane is finding people to play against. We believe that by establishing a standard set of rules, more people will be encouraged to play.